Ecosystem Launchpad provides a plug-and-play foundation that makes it easy to use the OSDU® Data Platform together with software from multiple application providers without solutions integration. You can try out workflows interactively, with real data, at the push of a button.

Each workflow is powered by one or more application provider partners. The workflow and all of the application providers work together using the same data in the OSDU Data Platform. You can shift workflows that you like right into production operations.

Choose your workflow below to begin your free 2-week demo experience.

Workflow Library

Seismic Data Interpretation Acceleration with Machine Learning

Leverage a cloud-native seismic data format and artificial intelligence technology to characterize the subsurface faster with a higher level of detail. Visualize your seismic data outputs with multiple interoperable application providers by easily transitioning from one tool to the next.


Well Data Interpretation and Synthesis Interoperability

Easily access all of your well data including wells, wellbores, trajectories, formation tops, well logs, and curves from multiple interoperable application providers. Synthesize new curves and well logs using one tool and access the data from other tools elsewhere in the workflow.


Ikon Science Workflow

Curate is Ikon Science's knowledge management solution allowing users to work in a collaborative workspace with access to all subsurface data. The platform allows for areas of interest, associated data and documents to be explored and understood and projects to be created, saved, and tracked through key subsurface workflows.

Ikon Science

INT IVAAP Workflow

IVAAP from INT liberates the OSDU™ workflow by offering a cloud front-end client to consume and analyze OSDU data. With IVAAP, users can explore domain data, visualize 2D/3D G&G data (wells, seismic, horizons, surface,) and perform data automation by integrating with external processing workflows and ML on AWS.


Interica Workflow

Interica OneView™ (IOV) provides a single-pane-of-glass view of your petrotechnical applications, harnessing the power of application connectors to extract rich metadata from live projects and view in conjunction with archived data. IOV users can view and follow combined data from the OSDU data platform to applications to derivative works and back.


Questlabs Workflow

Alloy is a platform to build trusted data in OSDU, available on-premise or in the cloud. It is equipped with built-in data quality rules derived from PPDM and OSDU standards that control the ingestion of data.


Ready to go live with your own data?

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